• Special Programme During Live Proceeding of Lok Sabha

    1. Agenda ( English): One hour LIVE Studio based discussion with panel of guests -Discussion on Business of the House & issues to be taken up during Question Hour
    2. In the House: One hour LIVE SHOW with MPs from Monday to Friday during lunch break of the House on business transacted in Lok Sabha from 11am till the House adjourns for lunch
    3. House Highlights (During Session): LIVE SHOW from Monday to Friday after House adjourns for the day. Programme shows the highlights of the Parliament proceedings and political reactions on various issues.
    4. Dateline (During Session): Half hour weekly programme on key debates of House. Show includes discussion on the bills passed by the House and discussion held under other devices of Parliamentary procedures like Rule 193, Half-an-Hour discussion etc.
    5. Sadan Mai Aaj: Daily wrap up show of House proceeding in Hindi.
  • Parliamentary Affairs Programme

    1. Bahas Sansad Ki: Programme based on Bills taken up in the House, discussion as it happened in the parliament followed by concerned Minister's reply
    2. Saansad Se Samvaad:  Special interview based programme which focuses on  Member of Parliament's political journey, challenges and their contributions.
    3. Sansad Aur Hum: Half an hour programme focuses on day-to-day workings of the House.
    4. Roving Camera: Weekly programme on different  activities and events in and around Parliament. Programme also focuses on events of Lok Sabha Speaker and induction to felicitation to farewell of MPs, Coverage also includes various delegation's visit to Parliament.
  • Political Affairs

    1. Public Forum ( English): Daily half an hour (Monday to Friday) studio based LIVE English show with panel of guests on contemporary issues which focuses on National, International, Business or Sports news. Programme also includes In-depth analysis and views from the experts. 
    2. Lok Manch ( Hindi): Daily (Monday to Friday) One hour studio based LIVE Hindi show with panel of guests on contemporary issues with In-depth analysis and expert views.
    3. Insight (Hindi): Daily (Monday to Friday) one hour noon show in Hindi, with panel of guests on current affairs.
  • International Affairs

    1. Global Review: Weekly programme based on international political developments and meetings of world's important organizations.
    2. World This Week: Weekly international news from around the globe in English.
    3. Duniya Is Hafte: Weekly international news from around the globe in Hindi.
    4. Around the World: Half-Hour weekly programme in English showcasing culture , tradition, fair & adventurous activities across the globe.
    5. Desh Duniya: Half-Hour weekly programme showcasing culture , tradition, fair & adventurous activities across the globe.
  • Health and Life Style

    1. Swasth Bharat: One hour LIVE discussion based show with Doctors which includes awareness about diseases, diets & nutrition. Expert Doctors  puts forward their views on causes, symptoms, treatment & precautions of different ailments. 
    2. Yog Nirog: A programme on AAYUSH which includes information related to Yog,  Ayurveda and naturopathy. Programme focuses on different aspects of Yog with expert advice on all health issues.
  • Legal

    1. Nayay Chakra: Studio based discussion programme with panel of guests on landmark verdicts of Supreme Court and Impact of the verdict on common man.
  • Environment

    1. Astitva: A weekly programme based on One-on-One discussion with an environment expert on different issues related to environment and planet earth.
  • Morning Show

    1. Namaste Bharat: Daily one hour Live studio based bi-lingual show - when House not in Session - Analysis & discussion with panel of guests on lead stories of the newspaper.
  • Sports

    1. Khelo Bharat: A discussion based analytical programme with the inputs from sports experts and sports persons and it covers all national and international sports events.
    2. Duniya Khel Ki: A programme based on world of sports, records, historic wins and special exciting moments of sports.
  • Discovery and Invenstions

    1. Quest for Wonder: Weekly programme related to science news.
    2. Vigyaan Ke Aayaam: Weekly Hindi programme related to recent discoveries and inventions from the world of science.
  • Defence

    1. Saksham Bharat: Half an hour weekly discussion programme with defense experts on India's preparedness, challenges, missions & achievements.
  • History and Literature

    1. Itihas Ke Panno Se: The program is based on Historical events, memorable dates, monuments, historians and discusses the social, cultural and economic aspects of the related event.
    2. Prerna Dayee Vyaktitva: A programme on inspirational icons of India which focuses on their journey, inspiration strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Sahitya Sansar: Half-an-hour weekly Hindi literary show which features interview of a litterateur, with discussions on literary journeys and memories.
  • Social Issues

    1. Bharat Ki Awaaj: An audience based programme which focuses on different issues of public concern, a problem that affects common man directly or indirectly is discussed
    2. Shoonya Se Shikhar Tak: An interview based profile programme with women achievers which talks about  their journey, their inspiration, their strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Jan Paksh: Weekly one hour audience based discussion programme with panel of guests on issues of common social interest.
  • Culture and Entertainment

    1. Kala Samvaad: Conversation based programme with renowned artists related to Indian classical music and dance.
    2. NFDC FILM: Weekly Broadcast of Nationally acclaimed Feature films produced by the NFDC (National Film Development Corporation of India). These films are in different Indian languages on special issues to create awareness among the viewers.
    3. PSBT FILM: Weekly broadcast of different films provided by Public service Broadcasting Trust on various genres. PSBT is a non-governmental, not-for-profit trust with the mission to create and sustain a credible space for public service broadcasting in India.
  • Others

    1. Ubharta Purvottar: Weekly Special show on different issues of North Eastern states of India.
    2. Vishesh: In-depth 30 minutes analytical programme which includes special reports, impact stories, features and documentaries on different contemporary issues.
    3. Samvidhan Quiz: Programme to raise awareness among the youth regarding the Constitution of India. Schools of different states are visited to conduct the show. Three teams are selected from the schools and quiz show is organized in three phases. At the closing of the program, the winning team is awarded the trophy.
    4. Public Domain: A lecture based programme that covers various issues from national to international to business to sports.
    5. Conference room: Special programme where celebrities are invited and questions are asked by a team of  journalists  and experts of a particular field. The set of the program is created in the form of press conference. MPs, ministers and well-known faces of a different fields are invited in the show. 
    6. Bharat Drishti:- A discussion based show which focuses on minute details of Indian narrative of different aspects of society, life and nation.
    7. Manthan:- A show which discusses different religious and cultural festivals of India.

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