Lok Sabha TV -the first of its kind in the world, is a dedicated 24x7 satellite free to air channel aimed at broadcasting live proceedings of Lok Sabha  or Lower House of Parliament and  other Programs. Inaugurated in 2006, Lok Sabha TV air a number of programs, documentaries, talk shows and debates on the issues related to Democracy, Society, Economy and Polity.  The weekends are filled with special slots to telecast national award winning films aimed at spreading message of national interest. The initiative has strengthened the inclusive image of the Parliament and reached a wider audience. Under the patronage of Hon’ble Lok Sabha Speaker, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, LSTV constantly endeavors to empower the people of India by promoting greater accountability and transparency in governance - two major components of democracy.

Vision -
The "live proceedings" of the Parliament House shall reach to every household is the vision of Lok Sabha Television Channel. The awareness of citizen's towards the working of Member of Parliament in the Parliament House helps in bringing awareness about various efforts of various stakeholders in the governance process. The information empowers the citizens to utilise their democratic rights diligently and be part of the democratic ecosystem. Lok Sabha Television Channel helps in the efforts of Parliament House to provide a platform to highlight working of different democratic institutions.

Democracy can only be at work if the citizens are aware about the working of democratic institutions. Lok Sabha Television Channel works with this mission. Taking the  awareness level of democracy to every citizen through live proceedings of the house,various programmes, documentaries,panel discussions,debates, quiz etc is the mission of the channel.