TimeName of ProgrammeDescription
0000Interim Budget'2019रेलवे की नयी रफ़्तार
0030Interim Budget'2019पर्यटन और हवाई यातायात
0100Lok ManchStudio based discussion on current topic or issue of public concern in Hindi
0200Swasth BharatA programme on health, diet and nutrition, Advice from specialists
0300PSBT- FILMCandles in the wind - Part - II
0330Interim Budget'2019उद्योग जगत की उम्मीदें
0400Interim Budget'2019 आधारभूत संरचना
0430PSBT- FILM-04 Sacred Space Part - II
0500Lok ManchStudio based discussion on current topic or issue of public concern in Hindi
0600Yog-Nirog शुगर
0630Building Blocks of Bharat The Indus Angle Ep#02
0700Interim Budget'2019Health
0730Prerna Dai VyaktitvaBal Gangadhar Tilak
0800Budget'2019General Expectations
0830Budget'2019Tax Deduction Expectations
0900Budget'2019 Rural & Agriculture
0930Budget'2019 Industry and Infrastructure
1000Budget'2019 Political Discussion with MP's
1030Budget'2019 Political Discussion with MP's
1100Live Live - Lok Sabha Proceedings
1130Live Live - Lok Sabha Proceedings
1200Live Live - Lok Sabha Proceedings
1230Budget'2019 Major Highlights
1300Budget'2019 Major Highlights
1330Budget'2019 Direct & Indirect Taxes
1400Budget'2019 Industry and Infrastructure (Road, Rail and Waterways and construction)
1530Budget'2019Social Security
1600Budget'2019Budget Highlights
1700Budget'2019Rural and Agriculture
1730Budget'2019Direct & Indirect Taxes
1800Budget'2019Industry and Infrastructure
1830Budget'2019Education, Health and Social Security
1900Budget'2019 Rural and Agriculture
1930Budget'2019 Direct & Indirect Taxes
2000Budget'2019 Industry and Infrastructure (Road, Rail & construction
2030Budget'2019 Education, Health and Social Security
2200Budget'2019Finance Minister Budget Speech
2230Budget'2019Finance Minister Budget Speech