Lok Sabha TV is the first  parliamentary channel of India. It is dedicated to the Lower House of the Parliament. Owned and operated by Lok Sabha Secretariat, LSTV has the mandate to telecast uninterrupted live proceedings of the Lok Sabha. Committed towards its role as a Public Broadcaster, the channel produces and showcases programmes revolving around different facets of democracy. This includes legislation, governance and issues related to Social, Political, Economic and legal matters. LSTV provides a great platform for information and knowledge for the wider audience.  Furthermore, the channel extends its horizon to bring out programs on science, culture, environment and allied aspects essentially affecting the viewers. The channel gives special attention to programs related to Parliamentary functioning.

Chief Executive Officer’s Desk

Dr. Aashish Joshi Dr. Aashish Joshi

cum Chief Executive 
officer of Lok Sabha Television

Lok Sabha TV (LSTV) is the medium to build objective perspective of viewers on parliamentary affairs in the country.

  • Nov 180::00

    Swasth Bharat- A programme on health, diet and nutrition, Advice from specialists -

  • Nov 181::00

    Jan Paksh - Weekly one hour audience based discussion on social issues

  • Nov 182::00

    Saksham Bharat - Studio based discussion with defense experts on India's Preparedness in Defense


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